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Although our review pages are very informational and helpful, there is nothing more concrete than a side-by-side comparisons.

Instead of using digital versions of the mosaics, we decided to take high resolution digital pictures of each printed mosaic; in this way the final results are more easily understood and revealed. Each printed mosaic was mounted on a black foam board.

Below you will find three views of each mosaic that was reviewed:
1) A distance view to see the overall target source clarity
2) A close up sectional view to see the cells and reveal how each mosaic is created
3) A super close up for detail/clarity and resolution (dpi)

Distance Views: Although all of the mosaics look similar at first glance, it is soon becomes clear that one of these maintains more true colors and vividness compared to the other three.

Close Up Views: In this view, we positioned our camera about 6 inches from the mosaic to reveal a close section view of each. We also placed a US nickel to help with perspective and sizing on different monitors. The nickels are the same size in each image for easy comparisons. We found some interesting (and somewhat undesired) techniques used in the creation of each mosaic.

Super Close Up Views: In the views below, we use a 10x Loreo Lubot (a photographer magnification lens) to explore the actual print resolution (dpi) of each mosaic. The greater the dpi (dots per inch), the clearer and sharper each cell photo can be. The results are pretty clear (no pun intended).

 Above: Our 10x Loreo Lubot to study the print resolution (dpi) of each mosaic.

Picture Mosaics (above) at 10x magnification. The cell photos are very clear, minimal ink dots can be seen at this magnification. Cell photos are non-faded and maintain the original color.

 Big Mosaics (above) at 10x magnification. Ink dots are visible and graininess results. The small cells further degrades clarity.

Design A Mosaic (above) at 10x magnification. The cells are large, however they are very faded (due to colorization and target source superimposition); ink dots/pixelization can be seen.

Mosaically (above) at 10x magnification. Clarity and resolution is good; unfortunately cell photos are slightly faded due to colorization.