Live Event Mosaics

live event mosaicsWhether you call them hashtag mosaics, live print mosaics, or just super cool mosaic experiences, these photo mosaics are sure to amaze and make an impression. I recently attended a few nearby events where these types of mosaics were featured and put together an informative piece about the two companies that offer this service: Picture Mosaics and Luster.

HOW IT WORKS (Picture Mosaics)

  1. A live photo is captured via an onsite photo app, or posted with a hashtag on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat.
  2. Two copies are printed: a branded takeaway for the guest, and a copy with row and column info for the guest to place on the mosaic.
  3. Guests locate the row and column and place their photo on the wall. Guests also instantly receive an email of their on-site photo with the full mosaic.


  1. A photo is posted on Instagram or Twitter with an event themed hashtag.
  2. A branded takeaway of the image is printed for the guest while a strips of select hashtag photos are printed behind the scenes.
  3. The strips of printed photos are pealed and placed on the wall by Luster staff.


Be sure to know what is important before selecting your mosaic vendor


For me, being able to place my photo on the mural was very gratifying, and even led me to post about my experience on Facebook. Of the two vendors reviewed, Picture Mosaics allowed (and encouraged) guests to place photos. Luster does not allow guest to place their photo, and batch-printed photos to be placed by a brand ambassador. It truly comes down to if you’re looking for an engaging guest experience or just some eye candy.

TRUE MOSAICSLive Event Mosaics

Being a mosaic purist, I found it refreshing to see true mosaics being created. True mosaics do not rely on superimposing or ghosting (see my Mosaic 101). At the events I attended, Picture Mosaics built true mosaics, where Luster was building fake mosaics by superimposing and ghosting the main image. If you’re looking for that extra wow factor, true mosaics are the way to go.


The lasting impression of your event is what can really pay off. Understanding the social impression and reach of the mosaic experience is very important. Be sure to understand what type of digital and printed takeaways are available. While Picture Mosaics offers shareable digital takeaways (via email) and printed takeaways, Luster offers only printed takeaways.

MY PICK: Picture Mosaics

Below are photos from events by Picture Mosaics and Luster.

I visited Luster’s event gallery a few times after I went to the Art Museum, but I never saw anything updated to the site (see screen cap below). You can visit their event gallery here.