Hearthstone photo mosaic

I like to hop on Reddit now and then because they always seem to be on the cutting edge of trends, especially when it comes to technology. And as you probably already know, I also like to seek out other photo mosaic lovers to see what they’re up to in the hopes of finding something new! Most recently, while browsing, I came across some photo mosaic fan art that really blew me away.

I always love when people create fan-inspired artwork. If you’re a fan of the Hearthstone card game, you’ll instantly recognize these characters. I was only somewhat familiar myself, so I had to do a bit of googling. But what really caught my eye is how well the photo mosaics turned out. When I zoomed into the cell photos, I noticed that the creator used a wide range of colors, which really made for a great photo mosaic. Go ahead and click on the mosaics to zoom in, you’ll see the variety of colors, allowing the colorization levels to remain super low. Also, I haven’t seen many duplicates, so my guess is that they used a ton of different images to create this photo mosaic. Well done!


Written by Melissa